A-B-C Kinect

Learn Alphabets With Style!


Product Description

A-B-C Kinetic draws upon the exciting concept of alphabet simulation which improves children’s communication skills, encourages team learning, and enhances sensor-motor integration. It helps children learn at their own individual pace and is suitable for both able and disabled children.

How does it work?

  • A chimp appears imitating the shape of a letter, while the actual letter is displayed in the lower right of the screen
  • The sound of the letter is verbalized by the chimp
  • The student is asked to physically mimic the shape of the letter in front of the Kinect sensor
  • Verbal feedback is provided on the success or failure of the simulation
  • An energy calculator displays the effort done in imitating the simulated letter shape
  • A picture appears of the letter simulated, accompanied by the sound of the letter


Platform Platform
Windows, mac Windows, mac
Version Version
3.2 3.2