The Best Social Learning Environment

Product Description

CLG is an engaging and multilingual web-based social e-learning environment designed to enhance the full education process for teachers, students, management and parents. CLG improves the teaching process for teachers, make learning fun and insightful for k-12 students, and facilitate communication and collaboration between school administrators, teachers, and parents. CLG uses the technological advances to empower students with 21st century skills to succeed and more importantly to be able to think critically, be creative problem-solvers and to communicate and collaborate effectively.

For teachers:
  • Prepare lesson structure and schedule and publish lesson plans
  • Create assignments that are automatically graded
  • Create banks of questions and build exams online that can be graded automatically
  • Monitor students attendance, record absence reasons, and add explanatory comments
  • Record, share, and escalate behavioural incidents
For students:
  • View lesson structure and access to lesson materials from anywhere
  • Interact electronically with colleagues and privately with teachers
  • Complete their assignments and exams over the web and receive their results online
  • Self-awareness of their overall academic and behavioral performance online
For parents:
  • View child’s grades, behavior, and attendance by accessing the online parent portal
  • Receive notifications and communicate privately with teachers through the parent portal
School Roles:

CLG allows school leaders to select from a range of pre-defined user roles with different privileges, including:

  • Academic Vice President
  • School Project coordinator
  • Administrative vice president
  • Lead teacher
  • Non-teaching staff

Each user has access to a unique dashboard that offers a consolidated view of recent activities, reminders, to-do items, and more. The type of information displayed differs according to the user role.


Platform Platform
Windows, mac Windows, mac
Version Version
3.2 3.2

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