Who Says Math Can't Be Fun ?


Product Description

An iPad learning tool for ages 6 – 11, MathSprint teaches not only basic arithmetic but also offers interactive problems. Students are taken step by step from simple to more challenging exercises using medals and trophies to recognize and reward achievements and help students in developing a positive attitude towards Mathematics. MathSprint includes arithmetic quizzes such as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, in addition to 4 interactive quizzes such as Telling Time, Line Measurement, Angle Measurement and Solid Geometry. Results can be sent by e-mail to the teacher or parent

MathSprint features: 

  • Includes 16 arithmetic quizzes and 4 interactive quizzes
  • 25 random problems generated for each quiz
  • Hints feature provides tips to solve a problem step by step
  • Quiz scratch pad gives space to work out the problem
  • Scores can be shared with friends on Facebook


Platform Platform
Windows, mac Windows, mac
Version Version
3.2 3.2