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Product Description

A must-have mobile app that makes day-to-day learning location-free and easy to manage. StudyLIVE brings together a student’s most-needed functionalities: Notifications, Courses, Favourites, Calendar and Contacts. It is available in Arabic and English.

Notifications: Listing the latest news such as latest assignments, private notes, posts, teacher notes, announcements, calendar and more.

Favorites: Includes the student’s most important documents.

Access to learning materials: Students access course learning materials from the Courses page.

Structure: Each course is structured by lesson and LRs grouped by the academic week.

Lessons view: Daily and weekly view of lessons, exams and assignments with information

Classmates: Reveals contact information for the student’s peers who attend common classes.

Works offline: The app can be used without internet connection

Support: Gives teachers and parents the opportunity to support students/children individually


Platform Platform
Windows, mac Windows, mac
Version Version
3.2 3.2