Learn, Develop and Succeed

Product Description

Education Professional Development (EduPD) is a learning platform that manages teachers’ development paths including training, assessment, collaboration, evaluation and reporting.

Teachers can browse available courses through the course catalogue and register for any of the self-paced courses. EduPD also supports a “push” model which allows the organization running the PD programme to register specific teachers in certain courses. The public portal engages teachers and keeps them updated with the latest news and newly added courses.

EduPD is a universal platform based on HTML5 and supports Windows 8.1. It is available in English and Arabic.

EduPD key features include…
  •  A list of published courses grouped into different modules for teachers to browse and search either by category or alphabetic group
  • A virtual classroom tool available through integration with Lync 2013 allowing audio/video broadcasting, whiteboard, Q/A, hand-raising, content sharing and more
  • Creation/addition of new courses by PD administrators
  • Course assessments using a wide range of formats such as true/false, multiple choice, single answer, and word/text/image matching
  • A Microsoft Office 365 email account with single sign on access


Platform Platform
Windows, mac Windows, mac
Version Version
3.2 3.2