Social Learning Space

1170 × 300

WinjiGo is a unique social learning space designed for next-generation teaching and learning. It is a web-based Course Management tool that can be accessed from desktop machines, laptops and tablet devices. WinjiGo is designed for use in a blended learning environment. It supports both instructor-led and non-formal learning activities.

With WinjiGo you can:

  • Login with your Office 365, Outlook, Facebook, or Gmail account
  • Improve collaboration between teachers and their students
  • Manage the learning lifecycle and work on individual skills and talents
  • Access the system anytime, anywhere
  • Build and plan lessons in one place
  • Add YouTube, Office Mix, discussions, assignments and more
  • Use the WinjiGo community wall to connect with teachers around the globe
  • Draw on the 21st-Century skills-based leaderboard and badges