Mobile Virtual Learning Environment

ITWORX Education’s Connected Learning Gateway (CLG) is a K12 social and mobile VLE that supports 21st Century learning and teaching through enhanced communication and collaboration as well as anytime and anywhere learning. CLG’s mobile apps for teachers, students and parents – TeachLIVE, StudyLIVE, and ParentLIVE – provide the tools that enable learning and teaching to continue beyond the school’s physical premises and allow all three roles to become a self-fulfilling and sustainable equilibrium.

Digital Content Management Solution

ITWORX Education offers a complete solution for producing and managing digital content. It includes a digital content management platform, an authoring tool and an e-reader; all designed to support K12 experiences.

Learning Analytics and School KPI Solution

ITWORX Education’s Learning Analytics and School KPI solution is a decision-support tool for single schools and academies as well as academy chains, districts and Ministries.

Teachers’ Solution

ITWORX Education offers a bundle of products for teachers to help them deliver an unmatched teaching experience to their students. It includes class organizing and students management tools, authoring tools in addition to a learning platform that manages teachers’ development paths including training, assessment, collaboration, evaluation and reporting.



In recognition of our great dedication in Al-Ekhaa school in KSA while deploying CLG. ITWORX Education received a “Thank you” plaque from the Al-Ekhaa’s school owner. The deployed solution helped achieve the school’s goal to improve the education environment in the school

Ali Ismail Ali
IT Manager, Al Ekhaa Schools
Satya Nadella

“ITWORX Education has deployed a gated solution that has been deployed in many parts in the Middle East which is changing how content is delivered and more importantly how the effectiveness is measured and that means you are changing outcomes.”

Satya Nadella
Microsoft CEO

“Using CLG; we are very optimistic regarding the outcome on our students’ success and believe this will be a transformational phase for our school.”

Jonathan Bishop
Headteacher, Broadclyst Primary School

“We are sure AuthorKit would bring significant advantages for our students and teachers”

Manoj Varghese
Director of IT, GEMS Education

“By partnering with ITWORX Education we can enable our children to learn smarter, and at their own speed.”

Badria Yousif
Director of IT Department, Ministry of Education, United Arab Emirates

“We are particularly impressed with ITWORX Education excellent onsite adoption program and dedicated team.”

Ashraf ElGuindi
Chairman of the Executive Board, Maarif Education & Training Holding Co, KSA

“ITWORX Education e-learning platform, timely delivery, and continued professional support have been instrumental to us in raising the quality of education at our schools”

Kevin Broadfoot
Specialist ICT Inspector, Durham County Council